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Computer Repair

Computer Upgrades

Phone Repair

Tablet Repair

Photo Recovery

Video Recovery

Business Mac Services

Network Services

Computer Repair/Upgrades

Does your computer have old software and you’d like to update it? That’s no problem for our team at Memory Computers. We will walk you through the options for upgrades before we take care of the installation for you. With our help, it will be easy to update your entire computer without losing any of your documents or photos. Is your computer not working correctly? There could be many issues, which is why we recommend bringing it in to our team. We’ll do a full evaluation before letting you know what the issue and correct solution is.

Photo Recovery

It can be devastating to lose the photos you have on your computer, as these act as your memories for decades. However, you may not be out of luck. At Memory Computers, we can do a full sweep of your computer and hard drive to see if the files are still on there. We dig deep and leave no stone unturned because we understand how important photos can be. We’ll exhaust all options and hopefully reunite you with your memories once we are finished. In most cases, the photos are not gone even if they seem like they are.

Video Recovery

Just like photos, videos can be important memories for individuals and families. If you’ve accidentally deleted these or have lost them on your computer, let us do the searching for you. Our technology experts will look in all areas of your hard drive to help recover any videos that do exist. In many cases the videos are there, they have just been moved to a different folder.

Business Service for Mac

If you use Mac computers in your business, this technology can be confusing to figure out. From connecting networks to sharing hard drives, if you don’t have experience, you could end up not being able to set up the systems you need. Take the time, energy, and frustration out of this by calling Memory Computers. We can take care of any business services you need for your Mac computers. Our technicians have years of experience with these devices in particular and are up for any job.

Network Services

The complexities of setting up, maintaining, and upgrading computer networks can be intimidating. At Memory Computers, we want to help make it easier. Whether you’re setting up a network for your office to connect online or just need your household to be connected, our team can do it all. We want to make every network secure but we also want to make sure it’s accessible for those who need it. Simply let us know what you need and we will be glad to take care of it for you! In no time you’ll have a properly working network.

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